I needed to find a cheap apartment fast because of a situation that I had found myself in. I have a decent job, but I also have bills like a car payment, insurance premiums, credit cards and other things, so I knew that I had to be careful when looking at 1 bedroom apartments in Forestville MD that I did not go over my budget. I also did not want to live in a dump, so I knew that I had to be tedious with my research so I would be able to find a clean and safe apartment that I could easily afford.

I had been renting a three bedroom apartment with two other women for about a year, but our differences were too great. ...continue reading "A Nice and Quiet Apartment for One"

Being renowned as a happening city, Dubai not only offers magnificent shopping extravaganza to people but also has ideal places for the entertainment of children. Dubai has everything for everyone and hence, families of little tykes have plenty of options to take them at some of the best entertaining places. There are numerous things to ...continue reading "Best Things to Do in Dubai With Kids"

Being renowned as a happening city, Dubai not only offers magnificent shopping extravaganza to people but also has ideal places for the entertainment of children. Dubai has everything for everyone and hence, families of little tykes have plenty of options to take them at some of the best entertaining places.

There are numerous things to do in Dubai with kids. People can opt to visit water parks, theme parks, beaches, and amusement ride with their children. Dubai caters the entertainment needs of each and every kid. Beaches are incredible in Dubai, but one has to be careful in choosing a day and time, before visiting it with their kids. Temperature can be intense and children will droop because of the heat.

The choices are endless in Dubai for the kids and their families. In order to assist you in choosing from diverse options, here is a brief guide about some of the best places and things to do in Dubai with kids:

1. Cool Down in Summers at Ski Dubai

Visiting one of the world's biggest indoor snow parks is one of the most optimum things to do in Dubai with kids in the scorching heat of summer. Not only kids, but even

Does the promise of seeing a natural light show igniting up the dark sky intrigue you? If the answer is yes, then the place to visit is the NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia. After all, it is one of only three reserves that have been awarded the Dark Sky Reserve gold rating. This means that it is one of the most amazing places to view constellations in the entire world, due to the lack of pollution and urbanization.

But viewing stars is not the only thing that NamibRand Nature Reserve offers its visitors. Covering more than 2000 square kilometers, this reserve is one of the largest privately owned in Africa. It boasts magnificent sand dunes, mountains and a range of wildlife. Before the stars brighten up the dark sky, the setting of the sun is the highlight activity after spending a full day in the wild. This marvelous sunset is not only beautiful but is also incredibly romantic, thus it is best enjoyed with a special someone!

NamibRand Nature Reserve was not only established for tourism purposes; it is also was established to conserve the wildlife and unique ecology of the southwest Namib Desert. The aim of the reserve is to

When I said this, I meant it.

I didn't choose to go there just because one of the first forts Europeans built here, in Kerala; I didn't go there because the sea fish would give me a lingering taste. 'Toddy' might well be the reason for some, but wine has never been in my menu; I could go to the Jewish synagogue or see how a temple and a mosque were in harmony, but nothing fascinated me as much as the God's own creation in His own country.

I went there for all the entertainment this quaint village, had in the personality of its environment - the stunning scenery, the forested flora, and coconut groves.

The feeling was delicious, the season was perfect, the greens made me young and keen, and the rain-soaked me deep into its mirth. The backwaters stood in a silent rendezvous, and the sea was loud in rhythm. I watched all.

I'd the best reflection in a long time! It was Nature worship. Trust me it took my breath away... !

In the warmth of its filtered light, the romance was a sizzling sight.

Besides being a typically small village of Kochi, in Kerala, it's so easily accessible both by train

Namchi means 'Sky high' in Bhutia language.

Situated at an altitude of 5,500 feet above sea level, it is the capital city and administrative headquarters of South Sikkim, about 92 km down of Gangtok.

This place was relatively unknown till a couple of years ago, but has now developed into ubiquitous pilgrimage destination.

An all-embracing journey from Gangtok to Namchi envelops you in its wide scenic engulf with a thrilling drive and lush green tea gardens.

At this height in the morning hours, our bones felt the chill. We desperately desired a hot cup of tea, and nature seemed to respond, "Your wish is my command."

Lo and behold! In next two minutes, we were at Temi Tea Garden - the only tea garden in this state.

Sitting on the curb above the widespread terraces was a small shop. We had steaming hot Hakka noodles and aromatic tea.

I was a bit skeptical to buy tea leaves from a shop nearby, but on my return I wished I had purchased truckloads!

About 5 km from Namchi is a pilgrimage cum cultural heritage complex with space-age facilities.

A one-day visit was not sufficient.

This imposing Siddheshwar Dham at Solophok hilltop is a fantastic complex. Consecrated in late 2011, it

A year round destination for safari lovers, an Okavango Delta Safari has the abundant wildlife and scenic wetlands to make adventurous travelers want to stay and see more!

This outstanding river flows into northern Botswana and creates a huge oasis for Africa. It then stretches to reed beds, floodplains with palm-fringed islands. Here, you will find camps, competing against each other for the opportunity to wow their guests with world-class wildlife viewing extravaganzas. Each camp has its own character, attractions and professional guides.

Okavango is shaped like a splayed hand with its wrist featuring a narrow stretch area called Panhandle, in between the delta proper and Shakawe. A third of the delta is part of the Moremi Game Reserve, which is home to the Chief's Island. The island is known for its 400 square miles of dry sand, and its mopane woodland that resembles a cathedral.

The other parts of the delta is occupied by a number of private reserves housing lodges and camps providing five-star accommodation and service. If you are staying with one of these camps, they will arrange all the safari adventures you desire. Some of the top game-driving areas include Chitabe, Vumbura and Duba Plains. Jao Island and

"I don't see a bear," some man with an Irish accent said. He and his friends stared and pointed at something out in the great plain, north of Jackson Lake, while I scanned the tree line east of the majestic Teton Range of mountains with my binoculars. Hundreds of people stood with me and my wife on the edge of the veranda wall at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming. The great plain that yawned before us was the size of a county in my native state of South Carolina. It had grasses and bushes up to six feet tall, some trees, and several streams.

Bison, elk, deer, moose, and other wildlife of the Grand Teton National Park, including both types of bears (Black and Grizzly) might be seen on the plain. The best time to see them was at twilight and in darkness, with the exception that the bull elk were out during daylight too, yodeling for female elk to come to them to be herded and impregnated. My wife and I had eaten an early breakfast so that we could stand out there in the cold crisp air of morning twilight. We saw moose, some otters, and eagles. There

Mont Royal is undoubtedly the crowning glory of the city of Montreal. If you have never been to this particular Canadian city, the mountain is 'the' landmark to look for when you arrive in the city. The mountain is really not hard to spot as it is ubiquitous from any spot in downtown Montreal.

Mont Royal is home to a park that bears the same name and sits on its peak. Although the park is not entirely the product of Mother Nature, city dwellers nevertheless absolutely adore this fantastic green space, which was landscaped by none other than Frederick Law Olmsted, renowned for designing the Central Park in New York City.

Getting to the mountain is a dream experience for any hiking and outdoor enthusiast. If you would like to observe the sweeping cityscape of Montreal, make your way to the different lookout points, all sitting on the top of the mountain summit. The viewpoints to choose include the Kondiaronk (Chalet), Crags Trail and Camillien-Houde Drive. There are several hiking paths that lead to Mont Royal Park. One of the most used ones is the Olmsted Road way. If you are nervous about hiking because you have not done it before,